Bright ideas, in small bites


Enlighten us, but keep it quick!

Stand up. Be brilliant. Be Brief. Sit down. Have a beer. This is the essence of a great night at Ignite Cincinnati. It is a social event, a networking event. Informative and entertaining. It is a great night out.

Artists, technologists, suits and sandals. Join the smartest and most interesting crowd in town.

DSC00809Ignite Cincinnati is an information exchange for fostering and inspiring our community. In one evening, you hear over a dozen passionate speakers from our creative, technical, and business communities talking about their favorite things for just five minutes each. Presentations will educate and inspire you, and maybe make you laugh in the process.

Serious. Fun. Serious Fun.

If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they changed automatically after 15 seconds? Around the world artists, geeks, entrepreneurs and activists have been putting together Ignite nights to show their answers. It is a worldwide movement and it is here in Cincinnati. We’ve shared over 100 talks since starting four years ago, and it just keeps getting better!

“When I first heard about Ignite I thought it was such a cool idea. I was telling everyone I knew about it and wondering why we didn’t have it. Afer a week of that, we decided to make it happen in Cincinnati.”


Be More Random

Luck has mostly to do with a combination of preparedness and chance meetings. Attending Ignite should be not only entertaining but enlightening. If you make a tiny bit of effort you can meet a wide range of interesting people that you wouldn’t otherwise run into. New ideas, friendships, and even business ideas will arise. And that, is making your own luck.

The Presentations

20 slides x 15 seconds = 5 minutes.

That’s all you get. Not a second more. The presenters need to get to the point quickly, and make it exciting and engaging. It is 5 minutes and fun, or five minutes and done!
We welcome topics about anything that other people will find interesting. That’s a wide criteria and that’s just fine. If the most interesting submissions end up being technical, then Ignite will have a technical feel. There is a wide mix of topics. If you’re not interested in the current topic, all you have to do is wait for 5 minutes and a new one starts.

The Event Schedule

We alternate eating, drinking networking and watching. Food and drink starts at 5:00, talks run from 7:30 to 10:00 with a 30 minute intermission. We have multiple food trucks, a bar, a coffee bar and even some desserts.
Be polite to speakers but don’t be afraid to react; support, cheer, laugh, cry. Tweet, post, take pictures, be interactive.


Your ticket gets you in the door, gets you a seat. Some tickets include tokens for beer and wine (‘premium’ drinks are available for cash) to help us make our minimum tab. All dollars go toward making the event happen, staff is all volunteer.

Language and alcohol will both be served.

The Point Of It All

If Ignite Cincinnati succeeds, then participants have:

  • Learned something new about what’s going on in and around Cincinnati.
  • Met new people and made new personal or professional connections.
  • Had fun! If you want to attend, present, or just help out let us know!

Original Event

Ignite was started in Seattle in 2006 by Brady Forrest, then of O’Reilly Radar and Bre Pettis of Make. Since then thousands of 5 minute talks have been given across the world. There are thriving Ignite communities in Phoenix, Sydney, Boulder, Barcelona, NYC lots more.
The first Ignite Cincinnati was held January 20, 2010 in the Know Theater and organized by Joe Pantuso and Chris Ostoich.

Ignite is a completely volunteer-run community event with all income going to event costs. We depend on Volunteers to help run things smoothly. If you are interested in being a volunteer or sponsor please contact us.